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Federal Tax Authority UAE and its important role in the country’s taxation system. The FTA is responsible for managing, collecting, administering, and enforcing taxes according to the laws and regulations set forth by the UAE government.  Find top links about FTA Login along with social links, and more. If you are still unable to resolve the login problem, read the troubleshooting steps or report your issue in a comment.

The FTA’s main mission is to provide a comprehensive set of services to taxpayers in order to ensure fair taxation practices for all. It also acts as a gateway between taxpayers and the government by providing customer service support on various taxation-related matters such as filing returns, resolving disputes, and answering questions.

1.  Federal Tax Authority


If you already have an account with the FTA you will need to reset your password before you can login to EmaraTax for the first time. … Login with your E-mail.

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2. Federal Tax Authority – Login


FTA Digital Services. Signin with UAEPass. A single trusted digital identity for all citizens, residents and visitors.

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3. FTA Login | FTA Online Portal | FTA

Link: https://www.flyfta.com/login/

Log in to the FTA online portal and access online resources. Get Outlook Web Access, Online Flight Reports and Student Flight Schedule.

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4. Value Added Tax (VAT) | The Official Portal of


Businesses can register for VAT through the eServices section on the FTA website. However, they need to create an account first. For general …

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5. Change Email ID on Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

Link: https://earningouae.com/change-email-id-on-federal-tax-authority-fta/

UAE. It helps … It has recently enabled the online option where one can change the login account email address that is registered with the FTA Tax Portal.

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6. Changing the Login Account Registered with Federal Tax


login account (email address) registered with the FTA Tax Portal. For … Changing the Login Account Registered with Federal Tax Authority (UAE).

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7. New functionalities in FTA e-Services portal


Login to the FTA e-Services portal; b. Click on the ‘Appoint new Tax Agency/add new user’ button; c. Insert the Email IDs of the online users; *.

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8. Login | Ministry of Economy – UAE


Sign In · Email Address · Password · Remember Me

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9. How to make VAT payments to FTA on Emaratax portal?


Step 1 – Login to Emaratax portal using your FTA credentials. … Step 3 – a) Click on ‘Select & Pay’ if you want to choose whether you want to pay for the tax …
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10. VAT payment process – How to pay VAT Return


Local Bank Transfer · Log in to eServices and find your GIBAN on your dashboard. · If you are using online banking to transfer funds, you will need to add FTA as …

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Federal Tax Authority FAQ


  1. What is the Federal Tax Authority UAE? The Federal Tax Authority UAE (FTA) is the government agency responsible for administering taxes in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

  2. What are the responsibilities of the Federal Tax Authority UAE? The FTA’s responsibilities include:

    • Administering and collecting taxes
    • Providing tax information and services to taxpayers
    • Developing and implementing tax policies
    • Enforcing tax laws
  3. How do I contact the Federal Tax Authority UAE? You can contact the FTA by phone, email, or online chat. The FTA’s website also has a wealth of information about taxes in the UAE.


  1. Who needs to register with the Federal Tax Authority UAE? All businesses and individuals who are liable for taxes in the UAE must register with the FTA. This includes businesses that are registered in the UAE, businesses that have a permanent establishment in the UAE, and individuals who earn income from sources in the UAE.

  2. How do I register with the Federal Tax Authority UAE? You can register with the FTA online or by visiting one of the FTA’s service centers. You will need to provide the FTA with your business or personal information, as well as your tax registration number (TRN).


  1. What taxes does the Federal Tax Authority UAE administer? The FTA administers several taxes in the UAE, including:

    • Value-added tax (VAT)
    • Excise tax
    • Corporate tax
  2. What is VAT? VAT is a general consumption tax that is applied to most goods and services in the UAE. The current VAT rate is 5%.

  3. What is excise tax? Excise tax is a selective tax that is applied to certain goods, such as tobacco, alcohol, and sugary drinks. The excise tax rates vary depending on the product.

  4. What is corporate tax? Corporate tax is a tax on the profits of businesses. The current corporate tax rate in the UAE is 9%.


  1. What services does the Federal Tax Authority UAE offer? The FTA offers a variety of services to taxpayers, including:
    • Online tax filing
    • Tax information and education
    • Tax assistance
    • Tax dispute resolution

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